Our latest products

  • Tibetan Prayer Flag


    Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.

  • Pi Yao keychain (wood)


    Pi Yao absorbs bad luck and retains wealth.


  • Endless Knot with Hou Yi


    The Chinese opera mask, Hou Yi, is brave, loyal, rough and fierce. For protection and longevity.



  • Endless knot with Fu


    This large endless knot has the symbol ‘fu’ in a golden colour for luck, wealth and longevity.

  • Endless Knot (with bead)


    For longevity, wisdom, compassion and good fortune.


  • Yuan Bao x 6


    These special Yuan Bao, representing wealth and abundance, have the characters ‘Cao Cai Qing Bao’ which basically means ‘money coming in’…


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